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We want to thank you for following the Allen Academy blog, and tell you that the blog has moved to a new URL. From now on, all posts will be handled by our new blog over at

When this blog was created, it was simply a sub account. As the dojo has grown, it has taken on it’s own social media accounts, and integration with this blog has been nearly impossible. The new blog is a blog all on it’s own and will service our needs in a more efficient manner going forward. 

We do hope that you make the transition over to the new blog, and that you enjoy the content.


Allen Academy Staff

2014 Shinsho Ryu Black Belt Skill Demonstrations

Hello Shinsho Family,

I am proud to announce our Black Belt Demonstration for 2014. Our presenters will be Louis Petit-Frere, Christopher Lopez, Leobardo Garcia, and Mauricio Barron. These men have completed the necessary requirements to present their skills. The event will be held at the Riverside Masonic Lodge. Located on 6785 Palm Avenue, Riverside, Ca. 92506. Admission is free of charge. Go ahead and invite your friends, family, and potential students. Seating capacity is for about 200 people.  Sign ups will be posted this week. The event will start at2pm sharp on September 14, 2014.
- Headmaster Yury

Allen Academy Parent’s Night Out


Need a night out?
The Allen Academy will be hosting a parents night out! Enjoy a night on the town with your significant other, with the security of knowing that your children are in capable hands. Sign-ups are available at the dojo. Food, drink, and entertainment will be provided.
When: Saturday, August 9th 2014
Times: 5 p.m. - 9 p.m.
For more information, please speak to a member of the staff, or visit our website - Allen Academy

The Allen Academy Has Moved!!

Parents and students,

We are delighted to inform you that the Allen Academy is all moved into it’s new space! We would like to thank all of the staff and students who offered up their time and effort to make the move speedy and painless. We are still located in the same building, but have moved to suite H, just above Millenium Spa.

Classes are open and will be held at their normal times. That being said, we are planning a little construction to give us more workout space, but this will have no effect on classes.

We thank you again for your patience, and look forward to seeing you!


Allen Academy Staff

The Allen Academy Is Moving!

Dear Parents and Students, 


The past few months have been a period of transition and change within the Allen Academy family. Over that time, we have appreciated your support and understanding and have strived to maintain the level of quality and service that we believe you deserve. At this time, we are faced with a new challenge and we hope for your continued support. 


The Allen Academy is moving, BUT there is no need to be alarmed. We are staying in the same building, just moving to a different suite. I want to assure you that it will be business as usual at the Academy and classes will continue as scheduled. We will now be located in Suite H (just down the hall from our current suite). If you are coming from the elevator, exit and turn left. It will be the first suite you run into. There is also a set of stairs at the rear of the building, exit the stairwell and turn right. The Allen Academy has been and will continue to be a positive influence on the community; we’ll just be doing that from a different office! 


We will be doing the heavy lifting this weekend. If you are interested in helping out, please contact us: 


Phone: (951) 354-0244 


We will update everyone with the times that moving crews will be active as soon as we have coordinated that information. On behalf of the staff and black belt corps, we thank you again for your continued support. 




Josh Chevalier 

Shihan 4th Degree  

Shinsho Ryu 


Allen Academy Spring Events!
Sunday, April 14th

Rank Test

The Allen Academy will be holding a group rank test for students aspiring for belts yellow and above. The test will begin at 10 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m. 

As Always, applicants must obtain a test authorization prior to the test date. Be sure to study your material and good luck!

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Parents and Students,

We are happy to announce that power has been restored at the dojo and that classes will resume immediately! We would like to thank you all or your patience and understanding through this ordeal, and we look forward to seeing you!


Allen Academy Staff

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